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We will bring customers to you.  The South Bay Trade Exchange is a network of hundreds of local businesses of all types who fill down time, sell excess inventory, fill empty rooms & seats, and fill billable hours with business from South Bay Trade Exchange members.   Our local members have completed nearly 1 million dollars in business transactions.  We will bring customers to you.

 As a member of the South Bay Trade Exchange you will join a growing group of local businesses that grow their profit by saving their cash on business and personal expenses.

   Take advantage of doing business with no cash.

Buying is easy in the South Bay Trade Exchange.  On a phone or computer.  Enter the buyers information, the amount of sale and product description.  That's it.


Shop the online directory for painters, health providers, dining, mechanics, salons, plumbers, printers, & more   

In a trade exchange you pay for your business and personal expenses by selling excess inventory and by filling down time!


                        If you own a business watch the video.

   Google: The Benefits of a Trade Exchange for Business  


Add Trade income to your cash.                                                                                                                   * Members are assigned a secure online trade acct., 

   * Members buy and sell using trade dollars

   * Members charge the normal cash rates for their service

Fees: 10% cash transaction fee when you spend trade dollars 

Dues: 10 trade dollars monthly.          10 cash dollars monthly  

 The South Bay Trade Exchange is as a third-party broker and trade bank,      our duties include:

  • Organizing the trade network of businesses
  • Keeping detailed transaction records
  • Providing monthly statements
  • Obtaining new members to trade with
  • Monitoring current trade dollar balances
  • Maintaining a fair and even trading field for the group.

The IRS treats a SBTE trade as a cash sale. We provide IRS Form 1099 B at the end of the year. Your Business related purchases offset your tax liability.

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